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Finding Good Online Poker Bonus Codes (Restricted Countries)

The Internet is filled with casinos willing to give some very generous offers, excluding poker bonus code restricted countries, which will help people boost their bankrolls.

About the Bonuses

One of the most common promotions in online poker history is giving free money in the form of an immediate deposit to new players to encourage them to stick with the site. It is not at all difficult to find a gambling website, and then quickly discover a poker bonus code. Restricted countries lists are, unfortunately, a common part of the deal, so it is important for users to find a list of such countries to ensure that they are eligible for their prize. Although these are generally schemes to lure in new visitors, and often come with wagering requirements attached (which should always be looked into beforehand), receiving the leg up can be very helpful to new visitors, so offers should always be taken advantage of when possible.


Some establishments will simply offer free money to everyone who makes an account, regardless of what they do with it or when. Others will often want users to partake in a quiz of some sort, usually a poker quiz, before they will send in the money. Beyond that, gamblers will be required to send a scan of their government-issued photo ID as part of the process of signing up. After that, they will generally receive a phone call that will validate a few other details and have to wait anywhere between a few minutes to a few days. Of course, not all establishments are the same; some won't require photo identification, and others won't ask for a phone call either. In every case, however, users must be new members for the sites who have not yet played a game to receive their welcome bonuses.

Sample Bonuses

Most casinos offer between $25 and $50 as free deposits for newcomers. Some sites have welcome promotions that give as little as $5, while others consistently provide $150 for their welcome offers. For this reason (among others), it is generally a good idea to put a lot of thought into where the best place is to be playing online poker. Locations that offer over $100 are generally more popular and well-known. Remember, though, that there are some poker bonus code restricted countries that cannot take advantage of these deals.

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