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Welcome to Sports Interaction Poker

Operating under the well-known iPoker Network, Sports Interaction Poker, is one of the most reputable and entertained poker rooms on the internet today. It has withstood the test of time, operating for almost 20 years or two decades and affirms that they are the first to bear a licensure from North America. It is also considered to be a Canadian-focused site which sits on the top of all its competition. In saying this, though it may be focused in Canada, many players all throughout the world and in various countries are engrossed in playing within the premises of this site.

SIA is relatively famous not only in the internet but also on local events, making it one of the commonly tagged names in different forum topics. It first started on 1997, and from then on, it has served only the best to its players, giving a top-notch customer service around the clock, and a wide variety of choices for your waging needs. Unfortunately, as famous as the site and the iPoker network is, it can be concluded that Sports Interaction Poker is definitely not unique compared to other sites who obviously poured in a lot more effort in their design. The SIA is simply under-designed which resulted to its failure of being able to stand out among the rest.

To patch and cover this disadvantage they hold, it uses a prestigious bonus used in the iPoker network, which can only be described as lucrative and luxurious. You will have a welcome bonus of about 100% match-up reaching a maximum amount of $600. You will also further be given chances to increase the rewards you receive through a point system within the site. There are also other promotions like the reload reward and other promotions used on tournaments they hold. Frankly, the rewards this site offers is comparatively bigger than those offered by other sites which is definitely great.

If you decide to become a dedicated player within the site, you will also be given a more prestigious set of rewards through their tiered VIP program, giving you more reasons and motivations to play in the site. Seeing as they also have been operating for almost two decades already, it is evident that their security is no problem at all. This means that your money is safe here and you'll be able to play more comfortably and freely.

They also have a quick and reliable customer support which will help you with your inquiries and problems. All in all, though they may have outrageous bonuses and promotions, it wouldn't last forever, and once they're all washed up, there'll be less reason for you to play, but still, if it's fine with you, you still have the edge of playing safely and securely here.

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